East Orange Parking Authority

City of East Orange, New Jersey

1. How much do Annual Overnight Street Permits cost? 

The fee for the Annual Overnight Street Parking permit is $150.00 per year for the first vehicle registered with the respective property, $100.00 per year for the second vehicle registered with the respective property, and $75.00 for each subsequent vehicle registered with the respective property

2. Can I use an Annual Overnight Street Parking Permit to park in a Parking Authority Lot? 

No.  Annual Overnight Street Parking Permits are only for parking overnight on designated streets.  You must obey the alternate side of the street and all other parking regulations.  

3. Where can I purchase a temporary permit?

You may purchase temporary, day by day, medical, and visitor permits at the Licensing Department located at 44 City Hall Plaza, East Orange, NJ.  Call (973) 266-5159 for more information.  The Parking Authority does not sell these types of permits.  

4. Where can I purchase an Annual Overnight Street Parking Permit?

Starting December 8, 2015,  2016 and future Annual Overnight Street Parking Permits may be purchased at the East Orange Parking Authority office located at 60 Evergreen Place, Suite 503, East Orange, NJ during the following hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00am-5:00pm, and every other Saturday from 10:00am - 12:00pm. Call the day before to confirm. (973)672-1116

These hours are based on the anticipated high volume of customers expected in the beginning, and are subject to change.

We will be accepting MONEY ORDERS only. NO PERSONAL CHECKS or CASH. 


What are the requirements for purchasing Annual Overnight Street Parking Permits?

You must have all required documents with you in order to purchase a permit.
Please click the links below to download and print the requirements form and mandatory affidavit.

Annual Overnight Parking Permit Requirements 

5. On what streets in East Orange is overnight permit parking allowed?

Overnight parking is allowed on streets that have designated signs stating that you can park with a permit.  

For a list of streets where overnight parking is not allowed click here.

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