East Orange Parking Authority

City of East Orange, New Jersey

Permits are sold online only Permit Parking is from (8:00pm to 8:00am Only) in specified Lots.   All other Lots you may park all day.   You may purchase permits for more than one month at a time. In order for the permit to be valid you must type in the license plate number of the vehicle using the permit when filling out the permit application.  You no longer have to place a permit decal in your vehicle.  We will use your license plate to verify if you have a valid permit.   To purchase a lot permit please click here


 The cost for a Lot permit is $55.00 per month per car.


1. Parking lot permits shall be used by only the original applicant and shall not be loaned to, transferred to, used by or sent in care of another individual .
1a. Parking of Commercial Vehicles in lots is prohibted


2. Illegally parked vehicle may be ticketed and or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Call EOPD 973 266 5000 if you think your vehicle may have been towed from one of our lots.


3. Parking lot permits are valid only for the month and year specified on the permit.


4. Motor vehicles must park between lines in designated parking stalls only.


5. Permit holders wishing to list a replacement vehicle for lot permit use must contact the East Orange Parking Authority to provide the registration information for the replacement vehicle.


6. A parking lot permit is valid only in the lot for which it is specifically designated.


7. Parking lot permits are valid only for vehicles properly registered with the Authority.

8. Permit holders must report any changes of address, vehicle registration, and license plate number to the East Orange Parking Authority to avoid being towed, incurring violations and jeopardizing lot permit parking privileges, and shall cooperate with the Parking Authority in keeping records up to date.


9. Permit holders may use parking permits in borrowed or rental vehicles for a maximum of two (2) weeks, provided that the temporary vehicle is registered with the East Orange Parking Authority in advance.

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