Special Notice – October 10, 2020

Lot Repair (Paving and Repair of Lot 1E)

As of October 10, 2020 Construction at Lot 1E located at 147 S. Harrison Street is complete, and permit holders can now park in the lot.

To avoid being ticketed please do not park on Hampton Terrace.  If you received tickets for parking on Hampton Terrace during the construction of Lot 1E please email your ticket(s) and provide a contact number in case we have questions to eostreetpermits@verizon.net so that we may take care of them. 

We will not take care of tickets received after October 10, 2020.

September 11, 2020

To: Lot 1E Permit Holders

From: East Orange Parking Authority

Re: Lot Repair (Paving and Repair of Lot 1E)

Within 2 weeks of the date of this memo, we plan to make repairs and improvements to Lot 1e located at 147 So. Harrison Street, E. O., NJ 07018.

Prior to the start of construction, you will be provided with a temporary parking alternative until construction is complete.  Parking in lot 1e will be prohibited until then. A memo will be placed on the permit holder’s vehicles and updates available on our website.

Visit our website for updates in the Lot Permit Parking section of the site.  eastorangeparkingauthority.org

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay safe and be well.

East Orange Parking Authority Management