1. At the bottom of the special notice page click apply here to be directed to the overnight street parking terms and conditions

2. Read the overnight street parking terms and conditions thoroughly 

3. Click agree to terms to be directed to the online permit system

4. Click register to complete the registration process.  If using your phone, you may have to click the 3 lines in the top corner to see the option to register.

5. Follow the instructions on the portal, (note) you must include your apartment number, if you have one when entering your address, so that the USPS will deliver your hangtag.

6. You will need to upload your license and registration (both must have your East Orange address), valid insurance, and current hang tag.  If your NJ License and Registration does not have your East Orange address, you may go to the NJ Motor Vehicle website and change your address to your current East Orange Address. 

Take a picture of your change of address confirmation page and your license side by side in the same photo and upload it where you would upload the license.  If you do not have a current hang tag you will have to upload a completed, notarized affidavit (your landlord must fill it out and have it notarized).  On the Parking Authority website click Overnight Street Parking and scroll to the bottom to download and print the affidavit.

7. Select the street you will park on from the location drop down menu.  If the street is not available, select another street in your area from the drop-down list, (once approved you will be able to park on any permit parking street in the ward(s) indicated on your hang tag).  The permit will not be valid for parking in any other ward.

8. Once you submit your application it will be reviewed within 2 business days.  Check your email frequently for application updates.

9. If you meet all requirements, you will receive an email approving your application or requesting additional information.  If approved you can proceed with payment, (keep a copy of your emailed receipt for your records.

10. Once payment is complete, download and print the temporary permit and place it on your dashboard where it is visible to the enforcement officers before parking on the street, and to avoid being ticketed and or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

11. You should receive your permanent permit hang tag via us postal mail within 2 weeks of purchase. If not received contact us immediately at

12.  Immediately upon receiving your hang tag place it on your rearview mirror with the EOPA logo and permit expiration number and date facing the front windshield for it to be valid, and before your temporary permit expires.  The expiration date will be indicated on the temporary permit.