Parking Zones

By observing the guidelines below you can help keep East Orange traffic moving – and also steer clear of a parking ticket!


No Parking Anytime

These signs prohibit drivers from parking under any circumstances. They are most frequently placed on streets where stopping can cause serious traffic congestion and safety concerns.


Loading Zones

These signs only permit vehicles with commercial tags or a valid East Orange Loading Zone Pass to stop and load or unload cargo. They may remain for the specified permit time allotment. Passenger vehicles are prohibited from parking in these zones because they force vehicles with cargo to double park or park in prohibited areas.


Fire Hydrants

You may not park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. Blocking a fire hydrant can prevent fire equipment from reaching the hydrant.


Overtime Parking

Meter rates and time limits are set to encourage turnover because parking spaces are limited in congested areas. Time limits are designed to regulate each space in accordance with the needs of the area.


Meter Feeding

Do not ignore the time limit on the meter. Even if you put money into the meter, if you remain at a meter beyond the time limit you can receive a ticket for meter feeding.


Public and Private Driveways

You may not block any part of a driveway. Vehicles may need the full width of the driveway to get to and from the street.



You may not park within 25 feet of any corner crosswalk because you will interfere with the motorist and pedestrian visibility. Blocking a corner can prevent easy turning by moving vehicles, particularly buses and trucks.


Sidewalks are for pedestrians.

Don’t force pedestrians to use the street by parking any vehicle on the sidewalk.